What We Do

Simplify Digital Transformation

Our experts help you realise your full venue potential using digital infrastructure. 

Consult & Fund

the project with commercial specialists and our Infrastructure as a Service model.

Design & Build

your bespoke connectivity solution using our passive digtial infrastructure.

Operate & Upgrade

your digital infrastructure to meet guaranteed performance standards. 

Deliver Digital Infrastructure

Our digital infrastructure revolutionise the way popular venues connect and operate their venues.


Providing an incredible in-stadium connectivity experience has never been more accessible. 

Shopping Centres

Communicate with guests in a whole new way through digital technologies.

Hotels & Resorts

Offer premium services and increase loyalty with simplified digital services.

Transport Hubs

Enable streamlined passenger journeys for efficient operation.

New Build

Starting a new build? Engage early and see the benefits multiply by using best practice digital infrastructure. 


Secure the digital future of your venue with upgradable, multi-use digital infrastructure, installed with minimal disruption.

Cultivate Partnerships

Building multi-use, in-venue digital infrastructure means interacting with suppliers from the entire venue digital eco-system. By cultivating strong, long-term partnerships with digital services suppliers, Landways solution stays current and capable of delivering best-practice smart stadium digital services for the benefit of the venue owner and their digital future. 

We have been building partnerships across multiple industries. If you have a digital service that might benefit high-density venues like stadia, arenas, shopping centers, transport hubs and hotels or resorts why not get in touch?

What Could You Achieve With Guaranteed Connectivity?

Guaranteed high-performance guest connectivity can offer so much more than just an incredible visitor experience. 

Explore new and improved revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities;

Expand audience engagement and visitor generated promotion; and

Capture new insights to guest behaviours and preferences. 

Partner with the only company offering guaranteed long-term connectivity and future proof your digital future today.

Getting to know your business through


We work directly with the venue owner/operators or alongside your chosen consultants to understand key drivers and desires from investing in a digital future.

Aligning this understanding to our bespoke, future-proofed solution design, we create an evolved business case to ensure a return on investment, powered by our guaranteed, high-performance digital connectivity solution.

Using this model, our commercial experts guide you through the art of the possible in your digital future, showcasing digital service opportunities and verifying assumptions against data and forecasts to ensure a sound business case.

World-Class Infrastructure without the Upfront capital

Funding with Infrastructure as a Service

The Landways' Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model lets your business start a world-class digital connectivity journey without requiring upfront capital.

Alongside the creation of an aligned business case and a custom technical solution design, we produce a commercial offer for an extended-term to build, operate and upgrade your solution.

Infrastructure as a Service keeps Landways accountable to contracted performance standards, a first for high-density digital service deployment in the market.

Landways invests its own capital to design, build and operate a world-class digital infrastructure solution for a simple, monthly fee.

Get the ultimate service guarantee with Landways. Joining the dots. 

Future-Proofed digital infrastructure

Designing for the Future

Our unique solution has been designed by industry pioneers to overcome the technical challenge of providing upgradable, world-class connectivity to large crowds.

Developed using marketing leading R&D breakthroughs and innovative engineering techniques, our full-fibre passive digital infrastructure becomes the 'digital central nervous system' to your venue.

Capable of supporting long-term, high-performance Wi-Fi, mobile coverage and multiple smart venue technologies, the design of our solutions are bespoke, revolutionary and proven.

Book a tour to see our

Passive Digital Infrastructure In Action

Building your in-venue digital strategy?

Supplying apps for high-density venue and event environments?

See what it means to have world-class connectivity at your fingertips. We can arrange a tour of the digital transformation at Gloucester Rugby with one of our technically savvy team. Discover the Landways difference and how our passive digital infrastructure will change the game for you. 

Bringing Technical innovation to life

Building Digital Infrastructure

The digital component of a new build or retro fit can have a lasting impact on a venue's future operations, so it is important to get it right from the start.

We deploy our innovative designs using structured project management practices and the highest standard of materials to ensure superior, lasting performance.

Our dedicated team stays current with building and electrical regulatory standards, checking each sourced material for compliance to ensure our deployments will meet the newest building codes, every time.

Your solution in expert hands

Operation and Upgrade Management

Unlike most traditional digital service deployments, Landways solutions benefit from a full-term operation and upgrade management of the solution.

This means we are completely accountable for maintaining the solution to provide our guaranteed performance standards and service level agreements throughout the term of the service.

Benefit from:

  • A dedicated on-site engineer to ensure everything is running smoothly for key dates;
  • Guaranteed performance standards to ensure fantastic user experience for your guests and team;
  • Service reviews and upgrade management for a solution that grows with your business;
  • Minimal disruption monitoring and maintenance activities; and
  • Expertise in design and deployment for new digital services supported by our passive digital infrastructure.