English Football and In-Play Betting… The Facts!

Think betting in football is merely a fringe interest? Maybe you should think again!

Check out these football betting facts from the Gambling Commission’s Gambling participation in 2018 Annual Report publication and major betting companies:

  • In 2017, football became the most popular sport for online betting in the UK accounting for 54% of sports betting revenue, outstripping horse racing which accounted for only 32% of the market.
  • Online betting has grown rapidly; Sky Bet reported a 22% CAGR between 2005 and 2015, further accelerating to 44% between 2015 and 2017. Between 2016 and 2018, their online betting revenues increased from £214.1m to £406.5m.

That’s an uplift of nearly £200m in just two years!

  • In 2017, 51% of those who placed online bets did so using smartphones or tablets.
  • Fuelled by the convenience of mobile devices and the excitement of betting on events as they unfold, in-play betting has been the biggest growth area. Bet365 reported that 72% of their 2017 online betting revenues came from in-play flutters.
  • Weekly mobile logins to online betting sites have tripled between 2015 and 2017.

Clearly, interest has surged and as you might expect, the odds are favouring bookies to come out on top.

Football fans love to bet and have abundant opportunity to take a punt on their favourite game … except when they’re actually at a game! However, those UK football clubs that are moving towards USA style in-stadium tech are beginning to change all of this.


So, Why Are Football Clubs Not Taking a Punt?

Evidence from connected stadia shows that when fans are able to get online, visits to betting sites are a prominent part of their match day experience. In fact, up to 35% of fans accessing in-stadium Wi-Fi use it to log on to their online betting accounts.

Yet so many clubs are ignoring fans’ calls for in-stadium connectivity and potentially missing out on the rich opportunities that could lie ahead.

What if your club could offer world-class connectivity to support an in-play betting service to fans? Better yet,

what if your club could capitalise on offering world-class connectivity
to support an in-play betting service to fans?

There are options on how betting revenues could be generated; from closer collaboration with your betting partner in return for an enhanced sponsorship package through to providing your own bespoke offering built upon an industry approved white label betting platform. So, no matter a club’s current state of play, there are options to derive an uplift. Put back into your academy, your charitable trust or community outreach programmes and show fans their loyalty is directly helping their club’s worthy causes.

World-class connectivity will enrich fan engagement, create a new buzz of excitement around the stadium and deliver increased revenue back into the club.


Even the Odds With Us

Landways’ flexible digital infrastructure fully supports Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity services … it’s even 5G ready! Delivered under an innovative IaaS commercial model that removes your need to raise capital to fund the development, we offer the security of a long-term performance guaranteed system, mitigating the club’s technology risk.

Ripping up the odds on in-stadium connectivity, Landways delivers high capacity, dependable digital solutions that will support not only your fans’ betting habits but a whole host of other revenue generating and operationally critical services.

Check out our quick infographic below or contact us to find out more.