Landways uses its underlying digital infrastructure for CCTV which would include equipment for a single monitored command and control station and ensures identification at all ranges.

The Landways’ solution is:

  • LGC Forensic approved (safe to be used as evidence in a court of law);
  • Supplied with appliances that have RAID6 HDD redundancy;
  • An open system and ONVIF compliant; and
  • Very easy to use and flexible to expand.

Furthermore, an optional multi-focal unit with uniform resolution and customised aspect ratios can offer additional benefits:

  • Doesn’t rely on an operator pointing a camera in the right direction;
  • Always provides recognition quality when zooming into recorded images;
  • Multiple operators can view different areas at the same time from the same camera;
  • Can be used to compare live current images side by side – great for intelligence gathering;
  • Creates AVI files for incidents that can be played without special software;
  • AVI files follow who the operator is looking at so easy for investigators to see incidents unfold; and
  • Enables other PTZ cameras to be used more productively.