Digital Signage

The AV system is a major component both in the delivery of an outstanding fan/visitor experience and in supporting the venue’s public safety obligations. The content presentation opportunity of a well-designed system that is fully integrated into the stadium eco-system is a core feature of the smart, connected stadium. Landways can provide a network of smart digital signage covering the changing rooms, executive boxes, concourses, entrances and main bowl that will provide visual impact and drama and the ability to deliver carefully curated, unique and fan/visitor centric content. The solution can further be extended to include pitch-side hoardings. Fully integrated into Landways’ digital infrastructure, the AV system can provide a powerful vehicle for the smart distribution of video content and information around the venue.

The AV systems are all IP based, running off the same passive infrastructure as the other services. This reduces the need for additional cabling, thus reducing cost and complexity, plus it also prevents disruption and the proliferation of unsightly broadcast cabling.