Distribution Points

To support the required systems and service delivery, the infrastructure must reach and be presented at the correct locations around the venue. Since every venue poses a unique set of physical challenges and a different blend of current and future service requirements, Landways develops a bespoke design that underpins those specific operational needs.

Fundamental to this process is the placement of Distribution Points (DPs) around the venue; locations at which the fibre and power is presented for the connection of active and end-point equipment. Landways has created its own intellectual property around how this is achieved resulting in the development of flexible Distribution Points that have been specifically designed to offer:

  • Easy installation within high capacity venues;
  • Termination of fibre and power;
  • A platform that permits simple mounting of a diverse range of equipment; and
  • An expandable design that accommodates additional equipment if so required.

Given the diverse environments present across any venue (e.g. stands, hospitality suites, concourses, bars, etc), a range of Distribution Point designs are available to enable low-key, unobtrusive installation at all required locations.