Ducting and Containment

“It’s all about the ducting.” Whether designing a dream home or a multi-million pound conferencing centre, getting the underlying infrastructure right is critical for the long-term success and usability of the site. Landways’ designs feature the following:

  • The fibre containment Landways deploys is ultra-low profile and contrasts sharply with the substantial bundling of structured copper cabling more commonly found within stadia and other high-density venues. Not only does this save on space in cable trays, risers and equipment rooms, it also makes it significantly easier to provision additional capacity to any point within the venue as needs evolve. The common issue of simply not having enough space to run an additional cable is eradicated;
  • All Landways’ containment and ducting installations follow an open access principle ensuring maximum availability and usage of the infrastructure in support of the ongoing development of the venue.