On-Site Datacentre

A key feature of Landways’ designs is the on-site data centre, or the Core Digital Unit (CDU). This provides an on-site, environmentally regulated, central control facility for the housing of core switching and system monitoring equipment. The CDU therefore acts as an on-site data centre and is equipped with:

  • Secure access control;
  • Regulated DC power and storage to isolate the active equipment from mains surges and outages along with back-up power; and
  • Plenty of space for additional equipment including servers, for example, to provide storage solutions for on-site edge-caching of content or to house outside broadcast equipment.

The CDU is designed to provide full path redundancy into and within the unit for fibre and power cable routing to each of the equipment and server cabinets.

The DC power system operating in the CDU provides efficient power regulation, protection and scalability, supporting the power load without interruption. Unit-level redundant A & B feeds to each equipment rack and battery back-up power should the mains supply fail. In the event of a prolonged mains outage an external generator can also be connected.

The security, fire alarm and DC power system are monitored remotely by our Operations team, to ensure that all mission critical systems are operational at all times.

Dedicated fibre provides connectivity between the CDU and a “neutral” data centre which, together, form one “Virtual Data Centre” with large scale hosting capability. The data centre itself provides additional high quality, secure, accessible equipment space for backup/replication and disaster recovery, that can be scaled up or down when needed.