About Us

Landways is a specialist in the design, build, finance, operation and upgrade of integrated digital infrastructure for high-density environments.

Our infrastructure designs support world-class Wi-Fi, mobile and smart venue services in popular venues to enable incredible visitor experiences.

Our experienced team design bespoke solutions which can be retro-fitted into existing venues or be installed in new developments to support a wide range of digital services.

We build strong, long-term relationships with venue owners and their partners to drive exciting new opportunities and deliver commercial benefits.


Our History

Landways was launched in September 2016 by a team with significant experience in the digital infrastructure industry. In 2017, the business agreed terms with Columbia Capital for a significant capital facility to invest in the new wave of infrastructure required to deliver the next generation of digital services in high density buildings and venues.

From 2003 to 2014 Landways’ management team founded and ran Geo Networks (now owned by Zayo), a specialist optical fibre solution business with over 3,000kms of ducted network around the UK and Ireland. Over this period, Geo led the market by providing large data customers with direct access to high quality dedicated fibre infrastructure which they could control to add capacity as their requirements changed over time.


Our Investors

Landways is backed by Columbia Capital, a venture capital firm based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

Over the past twenty years, Columbia Capital has built a portfolio of industry leaders in the communications, media, and enterprise information technology industries. It has invested in over 150 companies, many of which have redefined or created new industries, including BroadSoft, Cloud Sherpas, MetroPCS, Mobile Satellite Ventures, Nextel Communications, Presidio, Virtustream, XM Satellite Radio, and Zayo.

Columbia has a long history supporting specialty property and infrastructure business. Columbia was a founding investor in Terrapact, the leading provider of right of way corridors for critical infrastructure in North America; Extenet, a leading indoor and outdoor distributed network solution provider; and Tri-Star and OptaSite, two leading wireless tower and ground lease infrastructure platforms.

We Are Custodians

Of incredible connectivity experiences; creating world-class solutions to engage and delight visitors and streamline the in-venue experience.

We Are Pioneers

Taking digital infrastructure innovation to the next level; enabling sustainable, multi-use digital infrastructure in complex environments.

We Are Cultivators

Building profitable digital eco-systems; simplifying cashflow and facilitating access to funds using an Infrastructure as a Service model.

Innovation from Experience

Founding Principles

Building on over a decade of work with the country’s most demanding users of data networks, Landways’ leading technical experts wanted to overcome the 'rip and replace' philosophy of traditional connectivity solutions.

Using extensive industry knowledge, innovation and in-house research and development, our skilled team have constructed a customisable, proven solution, ready to take to market.

Our solution objectives:

  • Use telecom-grade techniques to design technically sound, upgradable digital infrastructure;
  • Future-proof capacity capabilities to ensure solutions can meet the ever-increasing data demands of smartphones and devices;
  • Provide unparalleled long-term performance guarantees and service level agreements to ensure premium connectivity;
  • Remove the financial barrier to high-performance digital solutions;
  • Create cost efficiencies by enabling a multi-use platform;
  • Create an integrated business case which addresses the complete digital eco-system and creates new and increased revenue opportunities; and
  • Enable venue owners and stakeholders to increase targeted engagement and communication with their customers.

We believe a revolution is on its way in the the way venues engage and connect with their customers using their digital technology, and we look forward to playing our part.

The last decade has seen the rapid adoption of smartphones by consumers. According to Ofcom, 96% of all UK adults own a mobile phone, 80% of which are smartphones. These smartphones have, in turn, enabled a revolution in the way internet services are consumed. Mobile applications have quickly transformed a huge range of people’s daily activities, from dealing with their bank to the way they listen to music or read a newspaper.

Our growing need to consume and interact with the online world has resulted in an explosion of exciting new digital services offering enhanced visitor experiences, data capture, and analysis and increased revenue generation opportunities.

However, it has proven very difficult for venues with large audiences to harness the benefits of this digital revolution. Mobile networks (originally designed to handle voice calls) and traditional Wi-Fi installations have failed to cope with the huge and fast-growing quantity of data consumed and generated by devices (c.50% per annum), meaning that connectivity is either of poor quality or non-existent.