Digital and Power Infrastructure

At the heart of all of Landways’ projects is a series of highly innovative digital and low power platforms, designed to support multiple different systems.

Our Digital and Power Infrastructure is Designed to Scale

We combat growth and technology evolution with pioneering, multi-use infrastructure, designed to deliver significant cost savings, superior system performance and energy efficiencies


Optical Fibre Connectivity


Optical fibre connects multiple different systems with superior performance and virtually unlimited capacity for growth.

It provides a long-life backbone for a wide range of systems, avoiding wasteful "rip and replace" cycles.

Fibre has a much lower spatial profile than conventional Ethernet cabling and vastly superior latency and bandwidth.

Further, optical fibre networks work over long distances in large sites. In turn, this allows systems to be designed without large quantities of intermediate equipment and space usage, generating significant cost and energy efficiencies.

Optical fibre is already transforming external networks – Landways is bringing the same advantages to the in-building technology market.

DC Microgrid430x200

DC Microgrid


DC microgrids have multiple benefits:

  • Energy efficiency of connected systems increased by 10-20%
  • Power reliability increased by 2-3x and enhanced redundancy and emergency backup for high criticality sites.
  • Removal of multiple AC/DC converters, UPSs and generators reduces space requirements and requires 25% less equipment.
  • Blown power cables, installed alongside optical fibre, create a flexible, optimised site-wide power distribution solution.



Our patent-pending, high-capacity, low-profile microduct system, Induct™, creates a flexible distribution frame, uniquely integrating a customised configuration of the above optical fibre and power cables.

Designed to accommodate growth and future upgrades, Induct™ supports the deployment of data and power cabling for multiple site-wide technology systems.

Installation is simplified, with air-blown fibre or copper cables taking only 5-15 minutes to deploy across a typical 250m long site, with no intermediate access required.

With 25% lower cost than conventional cabling methods, reduced weight, lower profile, and a much longer useful asset life, Induct™ revolutionises in-building technology deployments, and avoids the wasteful “rip and replace” cycle when systems need upgrading.

Patent Application: GB2592955 (A) ― 2021-09-15. You can see our application filed here.


Distribution Points


Landways locates edge equipment on purpose-built distributed equipment housings installed in low value space locations like ceiling voids and under floors.

Using a carefully planned deployment pattern, our distribution points provide fast and certain device connections with easily accessible and upgradeable DC power and fibre connectivity.


Central Data and Power Unit

Our Central Data and Power Unit (CDPU) provides a space-saving and flexible on-site location for the centralisation of system hardware, controls and power infrastructure.

It is a highly secure, environmentally controlled and fire-rated location which reduces the use of otherwise valuable real estate across the rest of the site.


Dedicated Backhaul


Landways provides a dedicated fibre network between your building and an off-site carrier-neutral data centre, supporting a private network which is capable of being quickly upgraded to meet growing capacity requirements.

This removes the potential bottleneck of a low capacity connection to the site, improves the performance of digital systems, and reduces the cost of upgrades.


Renewable Energy


Renewable energy sources (e.g. solar and wind) generate DC power which is directly compatible with our DC Microgrid and the use of batteries in our CDPU.

Avoiding the cost of AC/DC conversions means that the cost and sustainability benefits of onsite energy generation can be maximised, making them an ideal addition to Landways’ digital and power infrastructure.


Intelligent Power Storage & Management

Landways designs a system of on-site batteries to meet the Day 1 and future requirements of the site. These are installed in the CDPU and can be changed or increased in number as new requirements or technologies emerge.

Highly complementary with renewable energy and the DC microgrid, the batteries also provide an on-site power back-up system, without the disadvantages of diesel generators.

Batteries can also be used effectively as part of the site’s year-round energy management storing both onsite renewable energy and off-peak power drawn from the grid.

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