Digital and Power Infrastructure for the Future

Our future-proofed, rapid deployment connectivity and power solution meets increasing data growth, new technology system deployment and site expansion using one simplified cabling architecture.

Our fibre and power infrastructure solution has been designed to accommodate growth and scalability over multiple systems. Custom designed to connect any number of low power technology systems using one simplified infrastructure architecture, you can benefit from built-in additional capacity to support adds, moves and changes as your business adapts to changing market needs. 

Full optical fibre installation connects multiple different systems with virtually unlimited capacity for growth.

The fibre network provides a long-life ready-made backbone for future systems, avoiding inefficient "rip and replace" infrastructure cycles.

Low spatial profile infrastructure, built-in additional capacity and blown fibre installation techniques enable simplified future deployment opportunities, especially in restricted or difficult to access spaces.

Fibre networks do not have distance limitations. Network centralisation efficiencies eradicate proliferation of plant and equipment rooms.


DC Microgrid

Distributed DC microgrid increases energy efficiency of connected systems by 10-20%.

Simplified power provision improves power reliability by 2-3x and enhances redundancy and emergency backup for high criticality sites.

Removal of multiple AC/DC converters, UPSs and generators reduces space requirements and requires 25% less equipment.

Blown power cables, installed alongside optical fibre, create a flexible, optimised site-wide power distribution solution. 



Our high-capacity, low-profile microduct system, Induct, creates a flexible distribution frame, uniquely integrating a custom configuration of both optical fibre and power cables from the Central Data and Power Unit to the network edge.

Designed for growth, Induct is capable of supporting multiple optical fibre and Cat5e cables to any number of low power site-wide technology systems.

Installation is simplified, with air-blown fibre or copper cables taking 5-15 minutes across a typical 250m site, with no intermediate access required.

With 25% lower cost than conventional cabling methods, reduced weight and size requirements and much longer life, Induct revolutionises digital and power infrastructure deployments.


Distribution Points

Purpose-built distributed equipment housings installed in "dead space" locations like ceiling voids and under floors.

Using a cellular deployment pattern our distribution points provide fast and certain device connections site-wide.

Plentiful DC power and fibre connectivity at every distribution point.


Central Data and Power Unit

Our Central Data and Power Unit (CDPU) provides a space-saving, flexible and highly secure on-site location for centralisation of critical hardware and cable termination.

Environmentally controlled rack-space for infrastructure mission-critical hardware.

Reduces the use of valuable real estate for equipment across the site.


Dedicated Backhaul

Dedicated fibre path between the site and an off-site carrier-neutral data centre.

Capable of being quickly upgraded to meet growing capacity needs.

Provides commercial flexibility, low upgrade cost and access to wholesale IP transit economics.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources (solar and wind) natively generate DC power; directly compatible with our DC Microgrid.

PV panel and wind turbine energy supplies are 10-20% more efficient when distributed using our DC microgrid due to minimisation of AC to DC power conversions.

Quickly scalable to meet current and future energy demands and space availability.


Intelligent Power Storage & Management

On-site batteries are sized to meet site and system support requirements.

Energy from the AC grid and available renewable energy sources are managed year-round to support commercial efficiencies.

Generate savings of up to 20% using intelligent power storage and management.

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