Using DC Microgrids in the Logistics Sector


With energy costs rapidly increasing and companies under pressure to reduce carbon usage, warehouse and logistics centre operators need to find new energy-efficient ways to power their facilities.

In this paper, we highlight how DC microgrids can be deployed alongside intelligent power management and renewable energy generation to help meet these challenges.

After reading this 10-page white paper, you will understand:

  • Background and differences between AC and DC power
  • What a DC microgrid is
  • How a DC microgrid helps to:
    • improve energy efficiency
    • provide better system performance
    • reduce costs, and
    • deliver a more sustainable solution.
  • The types of devices that can be powered by a DC microgrid
  • How a DC microgrid can combine with batteries, renewable energy and smart energy systems
  • Example sites using DC microgrids
Inside view

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