Public 5G Network for UK Stadia Announced but Where Does That Leave Other Sports Venues?

5G in Sports Venues - enabling a public network in stadium

Leading UK sites are set to benefit from a Government-backed funding project offering a £65 million package to trial 5G. While this is fantastic news for the selected sites, we wanted to explore what clubs are missing out on by enabling public networks in their stadium and provide a solution to clubs looking to activate a sustainable future-proofed private network solution without the upfront capital.

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Landways Announces Completion of New High-Definition CCTV Installation at Kingsholm Stadium

Last week, Landways handed over its new high-resolution, IP-based CCTV installation to Gloucester Rugby’s operations team. The project was the first additional service to be deployed across the core digital infrastructure installed at Kingsholm Stadium in 2018, proving the concept of a multi-use digital infrastructure. “Landways’ digital infrastructure is a highly cost-effective way for venue…

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