Gloucester Rugby

Digital infrastructure for the future. Kingsholm Stadium's new world-class, full fibre solution provides connectivity across the stadium to enhance the fan experience, enable increased commercial uplift and improve operational efficiencies.  

The Build

Landways' Digital Infrastructure Project at Gloucester Rugby Named as TheStadiumBusiness 2019 Venue Technology Award Finalist


Lightning fast Wi-Fi in Kingsholm Stadium is 



faster than recorded mobile data speeds

 Project Summary

  • Full end-to-end design of the high capacity containment and cabling system.
  • In-house development of key infrastructure components, from conceptual design to manufacturing, prototype testing, risk assessment and structural engineering approval.
  • Centralised On-Site Datacentre; an environmentally controlled secure building providing high quality and flexible equipment housing and conditioned power supply.
  • Highest levels of specifications and standards have been researched and set into project specifications, contracts, method statements and risk assessments.
  • Regional contractor used to deploy the infrastructure with dedicated Landways project manager and site manager.
  • Over 16km of fibre optical cable and over 100 equipment Distribution Points installed around the stadium bowl, concourse areas and executive boxes.

Data and Traffic Modelling

  • Landways’ traffic model developed to ensure the integrated infrastructure is sized to meet Performance Standard.
  • High-density wireless distribution required for first service.
  • Radio engineering to ensure coverage and capacity over time matches demand.
  • Backhaul and internet service procurement based on the model and the unique demands of venue data network usage.