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Kingsholm Stadium's new world-class, full fibre solution provides connectivity across the stadium to enhance the fan experience, enable increased commercial uplift and improve operational efficiencies.  

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Gloucester Rugby has been a permanent member of the English Rugby Premiership since 1873, capturing the focus of fans with their vibrant, loyal and engaging community.

Observing developments in other stadia, particularly in the USA, the club sought to adopt new digital technology, including services provided directly to fans’ smartphones, into their future strategy.

Landways was engaged to provide a future-proofed, upgradable solution that would enable fan Wi-Fi for a dedicated club app and support new digital services.

Today, Landways multi-use digital and power infrastructure supports Gloucester Rugby's high-performance Wi-Fi, surveillance cameras, and fixed networks, driving commercial benefits, operational efficiencies, and an incredible guest experience.

Game-Changing Bespoke Technical

Digital Infrastructure Design

Landways in-house specialists have developed a series of innovative new techniques to address the challenges of high-density connectivity at Kingsholm:

  • A full-fibre deployment enables almost unlimited capacity, over a high-performance network providing connectivity for multiple digital services;
  • Innovative engineering work allows Wi-Fi and future hardware to be strategically placed to meet day one and future data connectivity requirements, calculated by our technical experts;
  • The secure on-site data centre centralises the access and control to the heart of the private network, with plenty of room for expansion to meet the club's future digital deployments; and
  • Cabling (including power) is distributed using best-in-class, low profile techniques which is discrete, easily maintained and fully documented.
Connecting Gloucester Rugby's Kingsholm Stadium

Project Delivery

The project installation began in the off-season of 2017 following consultations with the club and associated suppliers.

Our dedicated team ensured the project was delivered in the required three-month time frame, using:

  • Pre-mobilisation of design and technical elements;
  • Structured Prince 2 Project Management practices; and
  • The highest specifications, standards, and equipment to ensure industry regulations and compliance.

Following successful testing and acceptance, the project was transitioned across Landways' Operations team.

The Fan Reaction


“The Wi-Fi that comes with [the app] is excellent. Better than my home Wi-Fi.”  - Joe

“You can upload to your Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook... [online communities] can see you are having a good time."  - Josh

"I download quite a lot of images... they download really quickly. "  - Jessica

"Everything is loading as well. Before it was either freezing or literally not working but everything is running a lot smoother."  - Jack

Kingsholm Stadium has a Guarantee Like no other

Years of Incredible User Experience

Our innovation goes beyond world-class technical design and deployment. We are so confident in our ability to maintain an incredible end-user experience until the end of the contract term, that we have made an offer like no other on the market.

Our dedicated staff operate and monitor the solution to ensure Gloucester Rugby continue to benefit from:

  • Guaranteed Performance Standards to ensure a continued high-performance end-user experience throughout the contract term;
  • An effective framework to deliver monitored Service Level Agreements;
  • Data analytics, access management and internet traffic analysis;
  • Technical expertise to assist in the development and launch of new digital services;
  • Real-time network analysis and troubleshooting from dedicated engineers; and
  • Management of future upgrades and service deployments.
Getting to know the fans at Gloucester Rugby

Data Analysis

Using the anonymous data received from Wi-Fi users at Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester Rugby gains a whole new toolkit in understanding its fans:

  • See the data consumed during a match-day and break it down in a variety of ways;
  • Track movement, fan journeys and dwell time within the stadium;
  • See what services, apps, and websites fans are engaging with and when.

With the relevant permissions, the club can use this information to create fan profiles, make clear and informed assumptions regarding fan behaviours and develop a better understanding of influencers, buying motivations and spending habits. These factors can be used to influence messaging and targeted offers for different fan groups or ticket holders.

Data analysis can test theories and marketing strategy and provide results. Effective strategies to encourage further spending and fan loyalty can be developed to grow attendance numbers and revenue streams.

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