Crystal Clear Digital Audio

Bespoke digital audio systems with guaranteed speech intelligibility, volume and high-quality music reproduction.

Audio systems are a critical asset for public venues and many workplaces. Whether your requirement is for a public address/voice alarm system (PA/VA), great music reproduction or both, Landways’ performance-guaranteed digital audio systems provide the answer.

Taking advantage of our unique optical fibre and DC microgrid infrastructure, we bring a number of technical innovations to the design of audio systems for large sites, delivering crystal clear voice announcements and outstanding levels of music reproduction. And our expertise in using the latest DC microgrid technology means the whole system is run using clean energy, with greatly reduced energy wastage and lower costs of operation.

We remove the problems created by long runs of legacy copper speaker cabling and use our optical fibre network to stream high-quality content to powerful amplifiers and speakers located at the edge of our DC microgrid network.

Through careful design, we ensure that all parts of a public venue receive a measurable level of audio, ensuring compliance with relevant safety regulations. Our patent-pending Induct system delivers the highest levels of fire safety, resulting in a system which can survive during a fire long enough to safely evacuate visitors. And for those areas where great music can enhance the visitor experience, we have a wide range of options depending on how loud you want to go.

We install easy-to-use interactive controls enabling multiple inputs and integration with visual displays, controlled either centrally or by customers using touch screens in their private spaces, allowing you to tailor the use of your venue depending on the type of event being hosted.

Guaranteed Performance
Bespoke, site-specific audio engineering to guarantee volume, clarity and quality. If it doesn’t work as promised, you don’t pay.

Future-Proof Digital Audio
Your supporting fibre and power infrastructure will enable seamless additions and upgrades. 

Guaranteed Coverage
Bespoke coverage design ensures your audio is delivered into every space. 

Ongoing Service Reviews and Consultation
Including operation and maintenance reporting to ensure continued service availability. 

Vendor Independence
We select the best technology for your site and user experience requirements.

Fixed Monthly Service Charges
No risk of your project capital or operational budget overrunning. We take on the risk of your entire technology service including complete design, installation and operation.

A Complete Digital Audio Service

We provide our Digital Audio as part of our Infrastructure as a Service offer. With no upfront capital required, we conduct in-depth consultations, and complete specialist solution designs, and then offer to fund, project-manage, and operate your digital audio solution in return for a fixed monthly service charge once the service goes live. 

Your Audio Solution Features

Digital Audio Streamed over a Full Fibre Network
For a superior performance audio service without speaker cable degradation or interference from environmental factors.

Clear, Intelligible Voice Reproduction
Hear every syllable as if spoken next to you with our safety compliant systems, perfect for entertainment, commercial, and site safety announcements. 

Millisecond Perfect Music Playback
Excellent quality music playback for enhanced atmosphere and entertainment thanks to advanced DANTE software. Music delivery is timed to perfection, even in high density or challenging spaces. 

Energy-Efficient Power Supply
Our pioneering DC power microgrid offers the latest in green technology by eliminating up to 15% power wastage across connected services. We also offer an option to connect local renewable energy directly into the microgrid.

Minimum 3-Hour Battery Backup
Centralised power provision and storage provides dedicated battery backup for all connected services, so your technology service will stay uninterrupted. 

Compliant, Fire-Rated Infrastructure
Specialist design, B2Ca cabling and distribution techniques ensure fire resilience in the event of an emergency. 

Your Audio Service Includes

Expert Project Management
Our dedicated Project Management team uses globally renowned Prince2 methodology to deliver your project for complete assurance and peace of mind.

Continued Operational Support
Our proactive network operation and maintenance schedule includes dedicated on-site technicians, remote support, service level agreements and continued service reviews. 

Streamlined Technology Upgrades
With built-in technology upgrades at the end of the useful life of hardware, we ensure your audio service continues to offer an enhanced on-site experience with minimal disruption during upgrades. 

Simplified Expansion Opportunities
Add new technology services, grow your venue footprint or re-imagine an existing space easily with our future-proofed, multi-use, digital and power infrastructure. 

Continued Excellence in Audio Delivery
Our audio systems are guaranteed to provide quality, even levels of coverage using set, measurable performance levels. 

Live Projects


Adams Park Stadium

“It was incredible to hear a stadium announcer so clear, things are looking very impressive at Adams Park”

Laurence, Wycombe Wanderers Fan

“I have been attending matches at Adams Park for 25 years, last night was the best overall match day experience ever”

Luke, Wycombe Wanderers Fan

“The sound system is top quality”

Matthew, Wycombe Wanderers Fan

“The speech was clear and at a professional level that we’ve never heard before”

Colin, Wycombe Wanderers Fan

“Audio was amazing thanks you’ve done a great job!”

Clare, Wycombe Wanderers Fan

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