Technology Systems

Landways' Infrastructure Connects Multiple Technology Systems

Landways’ digital and power infrastructure has been designed to accommodate any number of the below technology systems using one simplified infrastructure architecture.


We provide turnkey solutions to your connectivity needs:

Performance-guaranteed Wi-Fi designed to connect users in high-density venues.


Mobile (4G/5G)

Private or public wireless networks to support calls and texts across your site.


Fixed Connections

Site-wide network connections to support equipment connectivity needs.

2-04-Microwave Link-gr-Do

Radio Links

Alternative connectivity options for local secondary sites.


We support a wide variety of systems to allow you to communicate with visitors and staff across your site:

Clear, high-quality audio for announcements, concert-quality music and safety.

2-22-Digital Audio-r-Do

Digital Signage

Immersive, small screen visual displays
to connect with your audience.

2-27-Led Panel-or-Do

LED Panels

Custom-designed LED panels to commercialise your site.


Emergency Phones

Dedicated, secure terminals to connect critical emergency services.



Dedicated connections for live event media and production trucks.


Private Mobile Radio

Secure communications for security and other staff across the site.

Site Operation

There is a wide and growing variety of digital and low power systems which can be supported by Landways:


Surveillance Cameras

High-definition, digital cameras for onsite security teams and the emergency services, and to protect visitors, staff and company assets.


LED Lighting

Energy-efficient and customisable lighting in external and internal areas.

2-42-Access Control-gr-Do

Access Control

Secure technology to control access to the site (e.g. wired and wireless ticket scanners) and integrate with other systems.



The latest smart alarm technology for maximum protection and control.

2-48-EV Charging-gr-Do

EV Charging

Deliver energy-efficient electric vehicle charging on-site.


EPoS Terminals

Efficient, real-time connectivity to EPoS terminals in bars, shops and concessions.


Internet of Things

Gain data insights and create efficiencies by connecting, monitoring and optimising physical object performance.

Digital Services

Landways' infrastructure and connectivity systems provide the platform for the deployment by third party specialists of a wide variety of different digital services:

3-1 Mobile Applications - Dotorange

Mobile Apps

Access to digital apps delivering information, site access, entertainment and commercialisation opportunities are made possible by Landways’ robust technology systems. Mobile apps might integrate digital services like:

  • Digital Ticketing
    Integrated with wired and wireless scanners to streamline guest access.
  • F&B Ordering
    Digital orders delivered to seats or click and collect points.
  • Online Merchandise
    Digital orders to avoid queues and maximise revenues.
  • Gaming
    Fun content for younger audiences and options for betting for adults.
  • Player Tracking and Statistics
    Connect wearable and embedded devices to track real-time data for insights to support training, content and commercialisation.
  • Wayfinding
    Help staff and visitors find their way with connected beacons to locate and guide them.

Smart Systems

Access and manipulation of enhanced data sets from connected systems can create efficiencies in processes, asset management and quality management, made possible by Landways’ robust technology systems. Smart systems might integrate data and systems to enable:

  • Smart Parking
    Simplify parking with free space indicators and digital payment options for efficient site access.
  • Traffic Management
    Connect the latest traffic control and monitoring hardware systems for real-time monitoring and control.
  • Transport Services
    Connect technology systems to feed real-time data into Transport Management Software to communicate and control transport logistics.
  • Robotics and Automation
    Connect and power the latest robotics and automation for improved inventory picking, sorting and transportation.
  • RFID Tracking
    Connect RFID tracking to capture and manage critical inventory data for streamlined asset management.