Reach Net-Zero Goals Faster with our Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Generate on-site green energy, improve power efficiency, reduce material waste and deliver superior network performance with Landways’ digital and power infrastructure.

Supporting net-zero carbon and enhancing the operational performance of your facilities.

We use the latest in-building digital and power infrastructure to create smart platforms that deliver material energy efficiencies and can support a wide range of digital systems.

Our approach minimises waste and carbon footprints, lower the lifetime cost of ownership and provides superior and guaranteed levels of long-term performance.

Our Digital and Power Infrastructure

We design, fund, build and operate highly innovative digital and power infrastructure. Using our patent-pending Induct™ Flexible Distribution Frame (FDF), we can quickly deploy both optical fibre  and energy-efficient DC microgrids across large, complex building and campus environments, capable of supporting multiple technology systems.

Our infrastructure, designed to combat wasteful ‘rip and replace’ technology cycles, is multi-use, scalable, and certified to EN 50575:2014 + A1:2016 Bca fire safety standards. It streamlines deployment of new digital and low power systems, simplifies maintenance and enables low cost, low disruption upgrades, with air-blown optical fibre and power cable distribution made possible across these large sites within 15 minutes.

Our DC microgrids provide significant energy efficiencies by removing multiple AC to DC power conversions. They are designed for easy integration with onsite renewable energy installations, enabling smart management of energy usage, and directly supporting net-zero carbon objectives.

Our digital infrastructure provides a resilient platform for all digital  systems, allowing us to guarantee performance levels and system reliability while reducing the lifetime cost of ownership.

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Technology Systems

Our energy-efficient infrastructure will connect and power multiple technology systems. Customise your connected technology matrix to suit your new build or site upgrade needs. With each system added, you maximise benefits, reduce waste and reach net-zero goals faster. 


LED Lighting

Centralised smart, energy-efficient lighting.

2-48-EV Charging-gr-Do

EV Charging

Energy-efficient charging for electric vehicles.


Internet of Things

Gain data insights and create efficiencies by connecting, monitoring and optimising operational system performance.


Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G Networks

Performance- and coverage-guaranteed wireless systems.


Surveillance Cameras

High-definition, digital security systems.

2-42-Access Control-gr-Do

Access Control

High-performance digital security systems.

2-62-Smart Parking-gr-Do

Smart Parking

Improved site access with free space indicators and digital payment options.

3-1 Mobile Applications - Dot


Stream high-quality audio and video around your site.

Commercial Benefits

Landways offers to take on the risks of technology selection, installation and operation with a system of long-term contractual guarantees for each system Landways is responsible for.

We  provide all the upfront capital for our digital and power infrastructure and a wide range of technology systems and we will cover all operational costs and upgrades necessary to meet these performance guarantees.

This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership for these systems and transfers the risk of operation to us, with a meaningful incentive for us to perform.  Quite simply, if we can’t deliver the agreed levels of performance, you don’t pay.

Furthermore, our innovative approach to power infrastructure provides valuable energy efficiencies that can reduce your energy costs and make your operations more sustainable, reducing the carbon emissions generated by your operations.

Live Projects

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We deliver bespoke digital and power infrastructure for both new-build and existing sites.

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